Arts Beyond Sight

A Moving Experience created by Save Ones Sight Missions in collaboration with Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia

Art has the power to reach out and transcend barriers, both imagined and real. Art has the ability to unite and promote harmony. It is transformational and diverse, allowing those who may not have a voice, the opportunity to make them heard, loud and clear.  Art is compelling, thought-provoking and a powerful agent of change, which is why we believe it to be the perfect instrument to promote inclusiveness and raise awareness around visual impairment.


It is through art, that the visually impaired can be encouraged and empowered to become more bold and creative in their thoughts and their work, which in turn will impact upon communities globally and strengthen the connections between the able and the disable.


What is Arts Beyond Sight?

 An Experiential Arts Exhibition showcased in extreme, complete darkness. Consisting of 4 different sets of experiences, Arts Beyond Sight will give visitors the unique opportunity of experiencing art, possibly for the first time in their lives, using all of their senses, except for sight. Guided by professionally trained visually impaired facilitators, visitors will touch, hear, smell and taste their way through the exhibition, allowing them to discover and explore art on a  deeper and far more intense level than ever before, throughout their 30 minute foray into the dark.


Who are we?

Arts Beyond Sight is a high impact Social Project designed and presented by Save Ones Sight Missions Berhad (SOSM), a non-profit organization and Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia (DiD), a social enterprise. Both, SOSM and DiD, were founded by Mr. Stevens Chan, a Blind Social Worker, Activist and  Entrepreneur since 2009.

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Why support Arts Beyond Sight?

Arts Beyond Sight is an initiative aimed at promoting Inclusion and creating, as well as increasing Empathy towards the Persons With Disabilities (PWD) communities which are often side-lined and marginalized in the wider society.

Through the arts, it is hoped that members of the general public are able to experience the world through a different perspective and re-examine all of the things they usually take for granted via contrasting lenses.

Arts Beyond Sight, in collaboration with various acclaimed disabled and non-disabled artists, will aim to conduct and organize various art based workshops for the disabled communities in order to nurture the budding artists in those communities and aid them in realizing their full potential.