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    Concert In The Dark

    Concert In The Dark- Booking Here

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  • Taste Of Darkness

    Taste of Darkness will take you on an exciting culinary tour inside the Black Box. Where you will have the rare opportunity to explore different types of food using all of our senses, except for one- your sight. As…

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    Cuisine Theatre in the Dark

    ‘Cuisine Theatre in the Dark’   Checkout the experience below   Dear Sir/Madam,   Greetings! We are Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia (DiD), a Social Enterprise founded in 2013. Our vision is to equip and empower those suffering from blindness…

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  • did-experience

    Experience DID

    The exhibition consists of a series of rooms in complete darkness. The visitors, in groups of up to 8 people, get a short briefing and are introduced to the use of a long cane before embarking on the journey through darkness. Escorted by the guide, they spend 45-60…

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    Business Workshops

    Participants in the Dialogue in the Dark workshops face the experience of temporarily losing the most dominant sense – their sight – which results in a dramatic slowdown of everyday routines. The workshops conducted in total darkness helps one to test one’s limits leading to a tangible experience…

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    Cuisine In The Dark

    Cuisine In The Dark is a one-of-a-kind treat. To create a culinary journey that challenges your  taste  buds to a whole new sensation, where  visually impaired  facilitator present a luxurious dinner  in  complete  darkness. Whether it  is  a  corporate  or  a private event,  Cuisine  In The Dark is  always  an  unforgettable…

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  • art-beyond-sight

    Arts Beyond Sight

    A Moving Experience created by Save Ones Sight Missions in collaboration with Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia Art has the power to reach out and transcend barriers, both imagined and real. Art has the ability to unite and promote harmony. It is transformational and diverse, allowing those who…

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  • academy-of-light

    Academy of Light

    Academy of light is one of the projects aimed to create a learning  platform for visually impaired children and adults to have opportunities to gain more knowledge. The learning program planned  includes   Music,  Art (include drawing and photography), Languages (English,   Mandarin ) and more. Our Vision Enabling Empowerment…

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